~Hydra Demo FAQ~

Thanks for being part of our internal testing group for Hydra Demo, and helping us build a personalized yet private post-cookies world!!!

The testing phase is projected to last a couple of months, during which we will be fine-tuning our on-device machine learning models.
No time commitment is required; users only have to download the app, approve its permissions, and let it run.
The core of our company is based on privacy, and we always respect our commitment to our users.

What is the purpose and function of this demo app?
Our demo application predicts the generic category of the next application that the user will open, based on the user context.
Most of the machine learning occurs on the mobile device, but we also get a limited range of data. The ultimate goal is to use this demo app in order to enable a future release that will not require any data collection, and where all data analysis will be happening on the mobile device itself.

Can you tell that a particular data-point belongs to me?
All data are collected anonymously, meaning that we do not know the identity of any data-point collected. No data are linked to personal identifiers, such as name or email.

What types of data do you collect from me?
We only collect low-level sensor data, connectivity, general device info, activity, logs, and app-related information that are not sensitive by themselves. You can see how the actual data points we hold look like in the table below.

It seems that I need to provide you with the app usage permission. What does this mean?
Using this permission, the only information we get is the broad category of any app opened and the usage duration. This is a very generic category falling into one of the following: Audio, Game, Image, Maps, News, Productivity, Social, Video. For example, when you open Facebook or Chrome, we only that you opened and used a “Social app” for x minutes, not knowing which exactly app this was. On your app interface, you can see the actual app name only for your perusal, but we never use, view or collect this info.

Ok, I understand that you can only see a generic category the app belongs to. But what about the activity I perform in that app?
We never have access to data you produced or any activity your performed in any other app, other than the broad category of the app (as mentioned above). For example, if you open your banking app, the only piece of info we may see is the category “Productivity” and the time duration in seconds.

Where can I find your detailed Privacy Policy?
You can access it at https://lerna.ai/demo/privacy

Feel free to reach out with any further questions at: support@lerna.ai