Mobile ad targetting
in the post-cookies era
Learn more on your users with enriched on-device data, without invading their privacy.
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Boost the value of your mobile inventory
...without the liability of collecting user data
  • User preferences
    Deliver the optimal ads at the right time, based on individual preferences
  • Contextualization
    Anticipate users' needs with on-device context
  • Conversion
    Increase the relevance of your outreach
Losses in ad revenue for publishers, when 3rd party cookies are disabled
projected loss for publishers
Our use cases
  • App publishers
    We help entertainment, news and games apps regain control of their ad income
  • Supply partners
    We partner with mobile SSPs and ad exchanges to boost their inventory value and improve their addressibility
  • Demand partners
    We enable DSPs and brands to address the most relevant audiences
True Privacy through Federated Learning
Predictions & Training on-device
Georgios Depastas, MEng
Georgios Kellaris, PhD
Who we are
Expertise in ML products and Private Data Mining
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