Personalize your user messaging.
Rapidly and privately.
Your users are unpredictable - convert them better with optimized notification timing and content.
Personalize your notifications
...without the burden of collecting user data
  • User preferences
    Deliver the optimal content at the right time, based on individual preferences
  • Contextualization
    Personalize your offer based on the user's context
  • Conversion
    Increase the relevance of your notifications
Uplift of CTRs & revenue via personalized engagements
Of users lost because of tracking prevention
Personalizing mobile experiences
  • News
    Relevant articles for each reader at the right time
  • Gaming
    Better understand your users and minimize churn
  • Music
    Suggest playlists depending on the mood and/or activity of the listener
True Privacy through Federated Learning
Predictions and Training happen on the device
Georgios Depastas, MEng
Georgios Kellaris, PhD
Who we are
Expertise in ML products and Private Data Mining
Miltos Poulizos, MSc
Founding Engineer
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